January 13th All Events

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January 13th, 2008 (January 13 2008)DeathSergei Larin, Lithuanian tenor (born in 1956)
January 13th, 2008 (January 13 2008)DeathJohnny Podres, American baseball player (born in 1932)
January 13th, 2007 (January 13 2007)EventTwo thirds of the Venus s southern hemisphere suddenly brightened as something triggered aerosols to form at a furious rate.
January 13th, 2007 (January 13 2007)DeathMichael Brecker, American jazz saxophonist (born in 1949)
January 13th, 2007 (January 13 2007)DeathDanny Oakes, racecar driver (born in 1911)
January 13th, 2006 (January 13 2006)DeathFrank Fixaris, American sportscaster (born in 1934)
January 13th, 2006 (January 13 2006)DeathMarc Potvin, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1967)
January 13th, 2005 (January 13 2005)DeathEarl Cameron, Canadian broadcaster (born in 1915)
January 13th, 2005 (January 13 2005)DeathNell Rankin, American mezzo-soprano (born in 1924)
January 13th, 2004 (January 13 2004)DeathArne N?ss Jr., Norwegian mountain climber (born in 1937)
January 13th, 2004 (January 13 2004)DeathHarold Shipman, British serial killer (born in 1946)
January 13th, 2003 (January 13 2003)DeathNorman Panama, American screenwriter and director (born in 1914)
January 13th, 2002 (January 13 2002)DeathTed Demme, American film director (born in 1963)
January 13th, 2002 (January 13 2002)DeathGregorio Fuentes, Cuban fisherman, reputed model for Hemingway s The Old Man and the Sea (born in 1897)
January 13th, 2002 (January 13 2002)DeathFrank Shuster, Canadian comedian (born in 1916)
January 13th, 2001 (January 13 2001)EventAn earthquake hits El Salvador, killing more than 800.
January 13th, 2001 (January 13 2001)DeathMichael Cuccione, Canadian actor and singer (born in 1985)
January 13th, 1995 (January 13 1995)DeathMax Harris, Australian poet, critic, columnist, commentator, publisher and bookseller (born in 1921)
January 13th, 1993 (January 13 1993)DeathCamargo Guarnieri, Brazilian composer (born in 1907)
January 13th, 1992 (January 13 1992)EventJapan apologizes for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II.
January 13th, 1991 (January 13 1991)EventSoviet Union military troops attack Lithuanian independence supporters in Vilnius.
January 13th, 1990 (January 13 1990)EventL. Douglas Wilder becomes the first elected African American governor as he takes office in Richmond, Virginia.
January 13th, 1989 (January 13 1989)BirthBryan Arguez, American soccer player
January 13th, 1989 (January 13 1989)BirthTriinu Kivilaan, Estonian singer
January 13th, 1988 (January 13 1988)DeathChiang Ching-kuo, President of the Republic of China (born in 1910)
January 13th, 1986 (January 13 1986)EventA month-long violent struggle begins in Aden, South Yemen between supporters of Ali Nasir Muhammad and Abdul Fattah Ismail, resulting in thousands of casualties.Muhammad Ali Quotes
January 13th, 1986 (January 13 1986)BirthJoannie Rochette, Canadian figure skater
January 13th, 1986 (January 13 1986)DeathGaius Marius, Roman general and politician (born in 157 BC)
January 13th, 1985 (January 13 1985)EventA passenger train plunged into a ravine at Ethiopia, killing 428, where accident is the worst railroad disaster in Africa.
January 13th, 1983 (January 13 1983)BirthJulian Morris, English actor Julian Quotes
January 13th, 1983 (January 13 1983)BirthWilliam Hung, American Idol contestantWilliam Hung Quotes
January 13th, 1983 (January 13 1983)BirthRonny Turiaf, French basketball player
January 13th, 1982 (January 13 1982)EventShortly after takeoff, Air Florida Flight 90 737 jet crashes into Washington, DC s 14th Street Bridge and falls into the Potomac River, killing 78 including four motorists. Coincidentally, a Washington DC Metro Rail train is derailed, killing 3 people.
January 13th, 1982 (January 13 1982)BirthGuillermo Coria, Argentine tennis player
January 13th, 1982 (January 13 1982)DeathMarcel Camus, French film director (born in 1912)
January 13th, 1981 (January 13 1981)BirthReggie Brown, American football player
January 13th, 1981 (January 13 1981)BirthShad Gaspard, American professional wrestler, bodyguard, and actor
January 13th, 1981 (January 13 1981)BirthJason James, Welsh musician (Bullet for My Valentine)
January 13th, 1981 (January 13 1981)BirthDarrell Rasner, American baseball player
January 13th, 1980 (January 13 1980)BirthKrzysztof Czerwinski, Polish conductor and organist
January 13th, 1980 (January 13 1980)BirthNils-Eric Johansson, Swedish footballer
January 13th, 1980 (January 13 1980)BirthAkira Kaji, Japanese footballer
January 13th, 1980 (January 13 1980)BirthMichael Rupp, American ice hockey player
January 13th, 1980 (January 13 1980)DeathAndre Kostelanetz, Russian-born popular music conductor and arranger (born in 1901)
January 13th, 1979 (January 13 1979)BirthJill Wagner, American Actor
January 13th, 1979 (January 13 1979)DeathDonny Hathaway, American musician (born in 1945)
January 13th, 1979 (January 13 1979)DeathMarjorie Lawrence, Australian soprano (born in 1907)
January 13th, 1978 (January 13 1978)DeathHubert H. Humphrey, 38th Vice President of the United States (born in 1911)
January 13th, 1978 (January 13 1978)DeathJoe McCarthy, American baseball manager (born in 1887)
January 13th, 1977 (January 13 1977)BirthOrlando Bloom, English actorOrlando Bloom Quotes
January 13th, 1977 (January 13 1977)BirthJames Posey, American basketball player
January 13th, 1976 (January 13 1976)BirthMichael Pena, American actor
January 13th, 1976 (January 13 1976)BirthTania Vicent, Canadian short track speed skater
January 13th, 1976 (January 13 1976)DeathMargaret Leighton, English actress (born in 1922)
January 13th, 1974 (January 13 1974)EventSeraphim is elected Archbishop of Athens and All Greece.
January 13th, 1974 (January 13 1974)BirthSergei Brylin, Russian ice hockey player
January 13th, 1974 (January 13 1974)DeathRaoul Jobin, Canadian tenor (born in 1906)
January 13th, 1974 (January 13 1974)DeathSalvador Novo, Mexican writer and poet (born in 1904)
January 13th, 1973 (January 13 1973)BirthNikolai Khabibulin, Russian ice hockey player
January 13th, 1973 (January 13 1973)BirthGloria Yip, Hong Kong actor
January 13th, 1972 (January 13 1972)EventPrime Minister Kofi Busia and President Edward Akufo-Addo of Ghana are ousted in a bloodless military coup by Col. Ignatius Kutu Acheamphong.
January 13th, 1972 (January 13 1972)BirthMark Bosnich, Australian footballer
January 13th, 1972 (January 13 1972)BirthNicole Eggert, American actress
January 13th, 1972 (January 13 1972)BirthAtoosa Rubenstein, Iranian-born American magazine editorBen Stein Quotes
January 13th, 1972 (January 13 1972)BirthVitaly Scherbo, Belarusian gymnast
January 13th, 1971 (January 13 1971)BirthJohn Mallory Asher, American film actor/director
January 13th, 1971 (January 13 1971)DeathRobert Still, English composer (born in 1910)
January 13th, 1970 (January 13 1970)BirthKeith Coogan, American actor
January 13th, 1970 (January 13 1970)BirthMarco Pantani, Italian cyclist (died in 2004)
January 13th, 1970 (January 13 1970)BirthShonda Rhimes, American screenwriter/creator Grey s Anatomy
January 13th, 1969 (January 13 1969)BirthStefania Belmondo, Italian cross-country skier
January 13th, 1969 (January 13 1969)BirthStephen Hendry, Scottish snooker player
January 13th, 1968 (January 13 1968)EventJohnny Cash performs live at Folsom PrisonJohnny Cash Quotes
January 13th, 1968 (January 13 1968)BirthTraci Bingham, American actress
January 13th, 1968 (January 13 1968)BirthMike Whitlow, English footballer
January 13th, 1968 (January 13 1968)BirthChara, Japanese singer and actress
January 13th, 1967 (January 13 1967)BirthAnnie Jones, Australian actress
January 13th, 1967 (January 13 1967)BirthGeorge Paterson, Scottish singer/songwriter DMP
January 13th, 1967 (January 13 1967)DeathAnatole de Grunwald, British film producer and screenwriter (born in 1910)
January 13th, 1966 (January 13 1966)EventRobert C. Weaver becomes the first African American Cabinet member by being appointed United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
January 13th, 1966 (January 13 1966)BirthPatrick Dempsey, American actor
January 13th, 1964 (January 13 1964)EventHindu-Muslim rioting breaks out in the Indian city of Calcuttanow Kolkataresulting in the deaths of more than 100 people.
January 13th, 1964 (January 13 1964)EventKarol Wojtyla, the future Pope John Paul II, is appointed archbishop of Krakow, Poland.
January 13th, 1964 (January 13 1964)BirthPenelope Ann Miller, American actress
January 13th, 1964 (January 13 1964)BirthRonan Rafferty, Northern Irish golfer
January 13th, 1963 (January 13 1963)BirthKevin McClatchy, American businessman
January 13th, 1962 (January 13 1962)BirthTrace Adkins, American country music singer-songwriter
January 13th, 1962 (January 13 1962)BirthPaul Higgins, Canadian hockey player
January 13th, 1962 (January 13 1962)BirthKevin Mitchell American baseball player
January 13th, 1962 (January 13 1962)DeathErnie Kovacs, American actor and comedian (born in 1919)Ernie Kovacs Quotes
January 13th, 1961 (January 13 1961)BirthWayne Coyne, American singer (The Flaming Lips)
January 13th, 1961 (January 13 1961)BirthJulia Louis-Dreyfus, American actress
January 13th, 1961 (January 13 1961)BirthGraham McPherson, English singer
January 13th, 1960 (January 13 1960)BirthTakis Lemonis, Greek footballer and coach
January 13th, 1959 (January 13 1959)BirthJames Lomenzo, American musician (Megadeth)
January 13th, 1958 (January 13 1958)EventMoroccan Liberation Army ambushes Spanish patrol in the Battle of Edchera.
January 13th, 1958 (January 13 1958)DeathJesse L. Lasky, U.S. film producer (born in 1880)
January 13th, 1957 (January 13 1957)BirthLorrie Moore, American writer
January 13th, 1957 (January 13 1957)BirthMark O Meara, Major winning American Golfer
January 13th, 1955 (January 13 1955)BirthPaul Kelly, Australian singer
January 13th, 1955 (January 13 1955)BirthJay McInerney, American writer
January 13th, 1954 (January 13 1954)BirthTrevor Rabin, South African guitarist (Yes)
January 13th, 1953 (January 13 1953)EventMarshal Josip Broz Tito is chosen as President of Yugoslavia.Josip Broz Tito Quotes
January 13th, 1950 (January 13 1950)BirthBob Forsch, American baseball player
January 13th, 1950 (January 13 1950)BirthJohn McNaughton, American film director
January 13th, 1949 (January 13 1949)BirthBrandon Tartikoff, American television executive (died in 1997)
January 13th, 1949 (January 13 1949)BirthRakesh Sharma, first Indian and 138th man to visit space
January 13th, 1948 (January 13 1948)BirthGaj Singh, Maharaja of Jodhpur
January 13th, 1947 (January 13 1947)BirthJacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Krakow
January 13th, 1947 (January 13 1947)BirthCarles Rexach, former Spanish-Catalan footballer and coach
January 13th, 1946 (January 13 1946)BirthEero Koivistoinen, Finnish musician
January 13th, 1943 (January 13 1943)BirthCarol Cleveland, English actress
January 13th, 1943 (January 13 1943)BirthRichard Moll, American actor
January 13th, 1943 (January 13 1943)DeathSophie Taeuber-Arp, Swiss artist (born in 1889)
January 13th, 1942 (January 13 1942)EventHenry Ford patents a plastic automobile, which is 30% lighter than a regular car.Henry Ford Quotes
January 13th, 1942 (January 13 1942)EventThe United States begins Japanese American internment.
January 13th, 1942 (January 13 1942)EventWorld War II: First use of aircraft ejection seat by a German test pilot in a Heinkel He 280 jet fighter.
January 13th, 1941 (January 13 1941)BirthPasqual Maragall, Spanish politician
January 13th, 1941 (January 13 1941)DeathJames Joyce, Irish writer (born in 1882)James Joyce Quotes
January 13th, 1940 (January 13 1940)BirthEdmund White, American authorEdmund White Quotes
January 13th, 1939 (January 13 1939)EventThe Black Friday bush fires burn 20,000 square kilometres of land in Australia, claiming the lives of 71 people.
January 13th, 1939 (January 13 1939)BirthJacek Gmoch, Polish footballer
January 13th, 1939 (January 13 1939)BirthCesare Maniago, Canadian ice hockey player
January 13th, 1938 (January 13 1938)EventThe Church of England accepts the theory of evolution.
January 13th, 1938 (January 13 1938)BirthWilliam B. Davis, Canadian actor
January 13th, 1938 (January 13 1938)BirthTord Grip, Swedish football manager
January 13th, 1936 (January 13 1936)BirthRenato Bruson, Italian operatic baritone
January 13th, 1935 (January 13 1935)EventA plebiscite in Saarland shows that 90.3% of those voting wish to join Nazi Germany.
January 13th, 1935 (January 13 1935)BirthMauro Forghieri, Italian automotive & mechanical engineer (Scuderia Ferrari)
January 13th, 1935 (January 13 1935)BirthElsa Martinelli, Italian actress
January 13th, 1934 (January 13 1934)EventThe Candidate of Science degree is established in the USSR.
January 13th, 1934 (January 13 1934)BirthRip Taylor, American actor
January 13th, 1934 (January 13 1934)DeathPaul Ulrich Villard, French physicist (born in 1860)
January 13th, 1932 (January 13 1932)DeathSophia of Prussia, consort of Constantine I of Greece (born in 1870)
January 13th, 1931 (January 13 1931)BirthIan Hendry, English actor (died in 1984)
January 13th, 1931 (January 13 1931)BirthCharles Nelson Reilly, American actor (died in 2007)
January 13th, 1930 (January 13 1930)BirthLiz Anderson, American singer
January 13th, 1930 (January 13 1930)BirthFrances Sternhagen, American actress
January 13th, 1929 (January 13 1929)BirthJoe Pass, U.S. jazz guitarist (died in 1994)
January 13th, 1929 (January 13 1929)DeathWyatt Earp, American Western lawman (born in 1848)
January 13th, 1929 (January 13 1929)DeathH. B. Higgins, Australian politician and judge (born in 1851)
January 13th, 1927 (January 13 1927)BirthBrock Adams, American politician (died in 2004)
January 13th, 1927 (January 13 1927)BirthSydney Brenner, British Nobel Laureate
January 13th, 1926 (January 13 1926)BirthMichael Bond, British writer
January 13th, 1926 (January 13 1926)BirthCarolyn Gold Heilbrun, American feminist author (died in 2003)Carolyn Heilbrun Quotes
January 13th, 1925 (January 13 1925)BirthGwen Verdon, American actress and dancer (died in 2000)
January 13th, 1924 (January 13 1924)BirthPaul Feyerabend, Austrian-born philosopher (died in 1994) Philo Quotes
January 13th, 1924 (January 13 1924)BirthRoland Petit, French choreographer
January 13th, 1924 (January 13 1924)DeathGeorg Hermann Quincke, German phsycist (born in 1834)
January 13th, 1923 (January 13 1923)BirthDaniil Shafran, Russian cellist (died in 1997)
January 13th, 1923 (January 13 1923)DeathAlexandre Ribot, French statesman (born in 1842)
January 13th, 1922 (January 13 1922)BirthAlbert Lamorisse, French film director and producer (died in 1970)
January 13th, 1921 (January 13 1921)BirthDachine Rainer, British writer (died in 2000)
January 13th, 1919 (January 13 1919)BirthRobert Stack, American actor (died in 2003)
January 13th, 1915 (January 13 1915)EventAn earthquake in Avezzano, Italy kills 29,800.
January 13th, 1915 (January 13 1915)DeathMary Slessor, Scottish missionary (born in 1848)
January 13th, 1914 (January 13 1914)BirthLord Ted Willis, British television dramatist (died in 1992)
January 13th, 1913 (January 13 1913)EventDelta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated was founded on the campus of Howard University as the second Black Greek Letter Organization for Women. The mission was to make a move towards social activism.
January 13th, 1913 (January 13 1913)BirthJeff Morrow, American actor (died in 1993)
January 13th, 1911 (January 13 1911)BirthJoh Bjelke-Petersen, Premier of Queensland (died in 2005)
January 13th, 1910 (January 13 1910)BirthYannis Tsarouchis, Greek painter (died in 1989) Yanni Quotes
January 13th, 1909 (January 13 1909)BirthMarinus van der Lubbe, Dutch communist (died in 1934)
January 13th, 1908 (January 13 1908)EventRhoads Opera House fire in Boyertown, PA killing 171 people.
January 13th, 1906 (January 13 1906)DeathAlexander Popov, Russian physicist (born in 1859)
January 13th, 1905 (January 13 1905)DeathGeorge Thorn, Premier of Queensland (born in 1838)
January 13th, 1904 (January 13 1904)BirthRichard Addinsell, British composer (Warsaw Concerto) (died in 1977)
January 13th, 1901 (January 13 1901)BirthA. B. Guthrie, American novelist, historian (died in 1991)
January 13th, 1901 (January 13 1901)BirthMieczyslaw Zywczynski, Polish historian and priest (died in 1978)
January 13th, 1899 (January 13 1899)BirthKay Francis, American actress (died in 1968)
January 13th, 1898 (January 13 1898)EventEmile Zola s J accuse exposes the Dreyfus affair.Emile Zola Quotes
January 13th, 1898 (January 13 1898)BirthKai Munk, Danish playwright and Lutheran pastor, martyr (died in 1944)
January 13th, 1898 (January 13 1898)BirthCarlo Tagliabue, Italian baritone (died in 1978)
January 13th, 1894 (January 13 1894)DeathNadezhda von Meck, Russian patroness of Pyotr Tchaikovsky (born in 1831)
January 13th, 1893 (January 13 1893)EventThe Independent Labour Party of the UK has its first meeting.
January 13th, 1893 (January 13 1893)EventU.S. Marines land in Honolulu from the U.S.S. Boston to prevent the queen from abrogating the Bayonet Constitution.
January 13th, 1893 (January 13 1893)BirthRoy Cazaly, Australian rules footballer (died in 1963)
January 13th, 1893 (January 13 1893)BirthClark Ashton Smith, American writer (died in 1961)
January 13th, 1890 (January 13 1890)BirthJuri Uluots, Estonian Prime Minister (died in 1945)
January 13th, 1889 (January 13 1889)DeathSolomon Bundy, American politician (born in 1823) Solomon Quotes
January 13th, 1887 (January 13 1887)BirthGeorge Gurdjieff, Armenian-Greek mystic (died in 1949)
January 13th, 1886 (January 13 1886)BirthArt Ross, Canadian ice hockey player and executive (died in 1964)
January 13th, 1885 (January 13 1885)BirthAlfred Fuller, Canadian businessman, The "Fuller Brush Man" (died in 1973)
January 13th, 1885 (January 13 1885)DeathSchuyler Colfax,American politician (b.1823)
January 13th, 1884 (January 13 1884)BirthSophie Tucker, Russian-born singer and performer (died in 1966)
January 13th, 1882 (January 13 1882)DeathWilhelm Mauser, German weapon designer and manufacturer (born in 1834)
January 13th, 1881 (January 13 1881)BirthEssington Lewis, Australian industrialist (died in 1961)
January 13th, 1878 (January 13 1878)BirthLionel Groulx, Canadian nationalist (died in 1967)
January 13th, 1870 (January 13 1870)BirthRoss Granville Harrison, American biologist (d.1959)
January 13th, 1869 (January 13 1869)EventNational convention of black leaders meets in Washington D.C.
January 13th, 1869 (January 13 1869)BirthEmanuele Filiberto, 2nd Duke of Aosta, Italian aristocrat (died in 1931)
January 13th, 1866 (January 13 1866)BirthVasily Kalinnikov, Russian composer (died in 1901)
January 13th, 1865 (January 13 1865)BirthPrincess Marie of Orleans (died in 1908)
January 13th, 1864 (January 13 1864)BirthWilhelm Wien, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1928)
January 13th, 1864 (January 13 1864)DeathStephen Foster, American composer (born in 1826)Stephen Foster Quotes
January 13th, 1861 (January 13 1861)BirthMax Nonne, German neurologist (died in 1959)
January 13th, 1860 (January 13 1860)DeathWilliam Mason, American politician (born in 1786)
January 13th, 1859 (January 13 1859)BirthKostis Palamas, Greek poet (died in 1943)
January 13th, 1858 (January 13 1858)BirthOskar Minkowski, Biologist (d.1931)
January 13th, 1853 (January 13 1853)DeathTheophilos Kairis, Greek priest, humanist and revolutionary (born in 1783) Philo Quotes
January 13th, 1847 (January 13 1847)EventThe Treaty of Cahuenga ends the Mexican-American War in California.
January 13th, 1845 (January 13 1845)BirthFelix Tisserand, French Astronomer (died in 1896)
January 13th, 1842 (January 13 1842)EventDr. William Brydon, a surgeon in the British Army during the First Anglo-Afghan War, becomes famous for being the sole survivor of an army of 16,500 when he reaches the safety of a garrison in Jalalabad.
January 13th, 1840 (January 13 1840)EventThe steamship Lexington burns and sinks four miles off the coast of Long Island with the loss of 139 lives.
January 13th, 1838 (January 13 1838)DeathFerdinand Ries, German composer (born in 1784)
January 13th, 1832 (January 13 1832)EventPresident Andrew Jackson writes to Vice President Martin Van Buren expressing his opposition to South Carolina s defiance of federal authority in the Nullification Crisis.Martin Van Buren Quotes
January 13th, 1832 (January 13 1832)BirthHoratio Alger, Jr., American minister and author (died in 1899)
January 13th, 1832 (January 13 1832)DeathThomas Lord, English cricketer, founder of Lord s cricket ground (born in 1755)
January 13th, 1830 (January 13 1830)EventThe Great fire of New Orleans, Louisiana begins.
January 13th, 1822 (January 13 1822)EventThe design of the Greek flag is adopted by the First National Assembly at Epidaurus.
January 13th, 1812 (January 13 1812)BirthVictor de Laprade, French poet and critic (died in 1883)
January 13th, 1808 (January 13 1808)BirthSalmon P. Chase, 6th Chief Justice of the United States (died in 1873)
January 13th, 1805 (January 13 1805)BirthThomas Dyer, Mayor of Chicago (died in 1862)
January 13th, 1804 (January 13 1804)BirthPaul Gavarni, French caricaturist (died in 1866)
January 13th, 1797 (January 13 1797)DeathElisabeth Christine von Braunschweig-Bevern, wife of Frederick II of Prussia (born in 1715) Frederick II of Prussia Quotes
January 13th, 1796 (January 13 1796)DeathJohn H. D. Anderson, Scottish scientist and inventor (born in 1726)John Scott Quotes
January 13th, 1790 (January 13 1790)DeathLuc Urbain de Bouexic, comte de Guichen, French admiral (born in 1712)
January 13th, 1787 (January 13 1787)BirthJohn Davis, 14th and 17th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1854)
January 13th, 1785 (January 13 1785)EventJohn Walter publishes the first issue of the Daily Universal Register (later renamed The Times).
January 13th, 1777 (January 13 1777)BirthElisa Bonaparte, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte (died in 1820)Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
January 13th, 1775 (January 13 1775)DeathJohann Georg Walch, German theologian (born in 1693)
January 13th, 1766 (January 13 1766)DeathKing Frederick V of Denmark (born in 1723)
January 13th, 1749 (January 13 1749)BirthFriedrich Muller, painter and dramatist (died in 1825)
January 13th, 1733 (January 13 1733)EventJames Oglethorpe and 130 colonists arrive in Charleston, South Carolina.
January 13th, 1720 (January 13 1720)BirthRichard Hurd, English bishop and writer (died in 1808)
January 13th, 1691 (January 13 1691)DeathGeorge Fox, English founder of the Quakers (born in 1624)George Fox Quotes
January 13th, 1683 (January 13 1683)BirthChristoph Graupner, German composer (died in 1760)
January 13th, 1658 (January 13 1658)DeathEdward Sexby, English Puritan soldier (born in 1616)
January 13th, 1651 (January 13 1651)BirthHenry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington, English politician (died in 1694)
January 13th, 1635 (January 13 1635)BirthPhilipp Jakob Spener, German theologian (died in 1705)
January 13th, 1630 (January 13 1630)DeathYuan Chonghuan, Chinese military commander (born in 1584)
January 13th, 1625 (January 13 1625)DeathJan Brueghel the Elder, Flemish painter (born in 1568)
January 13th, 1616 (January 13 1616)BirthAntoinette Bourignon, Flemish mystic (died in 1680)
January 13th, 1610 (January 13 1610)EventGalileo Galilei discovers Callisto, 4th moon of Jupiter.Galileo Galilei Quotes
January 13th, 1610 (January 13 1610)BirthMaria Anna of Austria, Electress of Bavaria (died in 1665)
January 13th, 1607 (January 13 1607)EventThe Bank of Genoa fails after announcement of national bankruptcy in Spain.
January 13th, 1605 (January 13 1605)EventThe controversial play Eastward Hoe by Ben Jonson, George Chapman, and John Marston is performed, landing two of the authors in prison.John Marston Quotes
January 13th, 1599 (January 13 1599)DeathEdmund Spenser, English poet (born in 1552)
January 13th, 1596 (January 13 1596)BirthJan van Goyen, Dutch painter (died in 1656)
January 13th, 1562 (January 13 1562)BirthMark Alexander Boyd, Scottish poet (died in 1601)
January 13th, 1559 (January 13 1559)EventElizabeth I crowned queen of England in Westminster Abbey, London.
January 13th, 1547 (January 13 1547)EventHenry Howard, Earl of Surrey is sentenced to death.
January 13th, 1505 (January 13 1505)BirthJoachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg (died in 1571)
January 13th, 1363 (January 13 1363)DeathMeinhard III of Gorizia-Tyrol (born in 1344)
January 13th, 1334 (January 13 1334)BirthKing Henry II of Castile (died in 1379)
January 13th, 1330 (January 13 1330)DeathFrederick I of Austria (born in 1286)
January 13th, 1328 (January 13 1328)EventEdward III of England marries Philippa of Hainault, daughter of the Count of Hainault.
January 13th, 1177 (January 13 1177)DeathHenry II of Austria (born in 1107)
January 13th, 1151 (January 13 1151)DeathAbbot Suger, French statesman and historian (born in 1081)
January 13th, 1138 (January 13 1138)DeathSimon I, Duke of Lorraine (born in 1076)
January 13th, 0888 (January 13 0888)EventOdo, Count of Paris becomes King of the Franks.
January 13th, 0888 (January 13 0888)DeathCharles the Fat, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 839)
January 13th, 0858 (January 13 0858)DeathKing Ethelwulf of Wessex (born in 795)
January 13th, 0703 (January 13 0703)DeathEmpress Jito of Japan (born in 645)
January 13th, 0532 (January 13 0532)EventNika riots in Constantinople.

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